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Star Trek Online

So, Cryptic has finally let it’s “worst kept little secret” out of the bag and confirmed that they are indeed making Star Trek Online.  Generally, I’m not one for the sci-fi genre, especially in games.  But when you have a fiancee who can quote all the classes of both Federation and Klingon Starships, and give you (in normal human terms) the important characteristic differences between them, you get interested.

I have to admit my view of the universe is a bit skewed.  While I’ve seen all that Star Wars has to offer (at least in visual media) and am less than impressed, I haven’t seen all of Star Trek.  Just bits around the edges.  And how I got my knowledge came in odd bits and pieces too.

I was allowed to watch Star Trek loooong before Star Wars, and when I was about five and deemed worthy of it, Star Trek: The Next Generation was in season 2 or 3.  I know I didn’t understand it on the level it was meant to be – but there were things I understood.  I knew Data liked cats, and therefore I liked Data.  (A love affair with the character’s of Brent Spiner that lives on to this day.)  I knew that he could be nice, but when Picard was angry, he was scarier than any Klingon.  I knew Jeordi was cool… even though he couldn’t see, he could help everyone read with his reading rainbow.  (If you haven’t heard of that show, you don’t have small children who watch public television.  I think it still comes on right after Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood.)

Moreover, if you think about it the last TNG movie was made in 2002.  That’s the year I turned 18.  The overall content of the series definately matured and grew much deeper as the series and later the movies continued.  So while other universes might be more exciting, or series of Star Trek might be “better”, there’s no other sci-fi story that I can say I grew up with more.  I literally grew up with The Next Generation, being the next generation of my family, and of gamers.

This post as I write it gets more and more emotional, and I’m going to stop before you guys think I’m just a weak sissy girl.  But I’ve definately resolved to keep an eye on STO.


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I’ve been pimped!

And by Coyote, of Not Funny… Ever. no less.  Couldn’t think of anyone better.

Okay, time for some updates:

I’m past the really sick part of being sick.  Now I’m into the lingering cough part of being sick.  So expect to hear me complain about it.

Also, Morvelawen on LotRO has reached level 14 (ding!), but I’m considering starting another character to get in some of the cool new crafting stuff added in the latest update. (Book 14 (the expansion is almost here! (omgz!)))  I’m afraid of falling into alt-itis though, and not geting anything done.  If you know my playstyle, you know I really could give less of a crap about raiding and pvp, and that my world is crafting.

Craft, craft, craft, craft…. Sadly, that’s what actually convinced me to try World of WarCRAFT for the first time. Sad, but true!

Okay, now for something interesting to talk about….

… and I got nothing.  Sorry peoples! Nothing interesting is going on at the moment in the world of MMOs that I cover for Ten Ton Hammer unless you count the on-going drama over the status of Flagship Studios. And that’s even almost not MMO worthy.  I do admit though, as the fall season looms nearer, there are more and more games that I want – both MMO and not.

Oh, I probably should pimp Coyote back, just in case you’re that one viewer not from his site. 🙂

Check out Not Funny… Ever. at http://coyote.blogs.tentonhammer.com

-Miss Morvy

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Morvelawen in Lord of the Rings Online hit level 14 today.  Yay!

More to post when the sick releases me from it’s grasp.


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I’ve seen it. I know a lot of you have too. But I’m not talking about it for at least a week. So there. I’m being kind.  It had more twists than I was expecting though, so GO enjoy the twists!

As for something else to talk about, let me introduce you to the games and characters that I play.  On the MMO scene, I’m currently playing WoW and LotRO.  In WoW, you can find me as Camgini, or Immobelia – alliance side, Cairne server.  Camgini is a 52 Disc/Holy Preist, and Immo is a level 19 Prot Warrior.  In LotRO you can find me as Morvelawen, Windfola server. She’s a lowly level 12 Minstrel at the moment.  I’m taking it slow with her, trying to enjoy all that’s around me.

On the not-MMO side of life… well… HARVEST MOON!  Okay, so I love the little farming series.  I keep switching between three different versions of the game, all on the Nintendo DS.  I’m going to be a bit overloaded though at the end of summer when two more come out, one for the DS and the other for the Wii. Wii Harvest Moon.  Ahh Hoeing for real.  Try saying that one to a GTA player. 🙂

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Well, let’s get this started.

Two interesting things popped up in gaming news today, both continuations of earlier sagas.  Blizzard recently won a judgment againd MDY, the makers of WoWGlider.  Now some people today are saying that’s a bad thing.  They think it sets the precedent that anyone can suddenly say “Oh, I just licensed what I sold you! It’s really mine!”  I don’t agree with that.  Mainly because WoWGlider modifys the server software for WoW.  Which is, and always has been LICENSED!  You know RTFM? Well, RTFTOS which has been there since day one buddy! Anyone who has any clue about how MMOs work knows that the server side software – access to which is required for game play – is licensed software. You only buy the client which allows you access to the server.  That’s why your account is tied to an activation key, not your client install! One big massive DUH! for you!

The other interesting saga today was HanbitSoft getting even more upset that Flagship Studios isn’t dying quietly like it was supposed to.  Flagship isn’t calling it quits, despite having to fire their entire staff. Whether this was in the cards all along, or they decided to do it this way just to spite HanbitSoft, I don’t know.  I give props to Flagship for sticking it to HanbitSoft after the jerk-off way said company has been acting.  I mean, they were there looting the body so to speak before Flagship had even confirmed it was laying people off.  HanbitSoft is now accusing the management of Flagship of being selfish bastards for:

1) Refusing HanbitSoft’s offer of aid recently (which was probably in the form of a buyout, which I don’t blame Flagship for refusing.)

2) Firing all it’s employee’s just to spite HanbitSoft.

I don’t know about you, but if I was a Flagship employee that knew what HanbitSoft was trying, I’d gladly take the 30 days free pay and start looking for work to help my company in the fight.  My bet is that Flagship is going to try and release Mythos as is, in the FTP format.  HanbitSoft can’t legally touch the IP until Flagship defaults on the loans for which the IPs are collateral.  If they can get Mythos up and making money before the next payment is due – and that’ll take a lot of things going right – they have a chance.  Personally, I’d like to see Flagship make it.

Oh, also – has anyone heard about the anti-E3 press conference Activision/Blizzard was supposed to have made last night?  I saw it as scheduled in a couple different places, but I can’t find news about it anywhere this morning.  Let me know!

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Hello world!


I did it.  I finally started blogging. I plan to keep this mostly related to video games, and mostly to MMOs.  That’s what I know and that’s what I’m comofortable with.  Don’t be surprised if other topics creep in from time to time though.  Man cannot live on MMO alone.

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