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Warhammer WAAAAGHH

So, RadarX convinced me to pick up Warhammer and grab one of the open beta keys that are being flung everywhere thoughout the internet right now.  In addition to actually playing the game, I told him I’d help him figure out crafting for the WAR page at Ten Ton Hammer (shameless plug!)


Who the hell thought this system up?  No recipes?  I can’t even find information on where to start with Apothecary!  Sounds like even the closed beta testers are clueless.  I mean – just… OMG.

What did I get myself in to?

(Darn you Radar! And your little Witch Hunting Puritan Hat!)


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Sorry for the Delay…

Yep, I was doing good writing regularly for about a week there – and then I blew it.  Darn you for coming back and wowing the crowds Coyote! Then I would have had – erm, ecouragement from our mutual fans to keep going.  But I still owe an apology and explanation anyways.

Well, in the past week a lot of things have happened.  I’ve had my birthday (woohoo mid-twenties!).  I went to PAX (all bow down to the pipboy handpuppet! He will murder you in your sleep with cuteness!)  And, most importantly, Mr. Morvy has proposed, so by this time next year, I should finally make that switch from Ms. Morvy to Mrs. Morvy. (squee! *happy!*)  So, with the very beginnings of wedding planning happening, with a rather clueless bride (hey, I’m a gamer – not a overly girly-girl) you can imagine, I’ve been busy!

Oh, and Camgini on Cairne server did hit 55 and get access to the Firey enchant (helloooo money!).  She’s the only character that’s been more than looked at this week though.  More gaming this week, I promise!

-M(r)s. Morvy

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