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So, hey.

I have a blog and stuff.

It’s been three years since I touched this page, and I can’t think of a better time to get going again.  I was endlessly obsessed with World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online crafting back in the day, but my focus has shifted strongly to Minecraft.  More specifically, Minecraft Mods.

Now that any odd followers I may have had left here are up to date, here’s my current dilemma – I feel like I need to plan more for my builds.  This leads to me daydreaming, and often thinking up entirely new builds without making any progress on the build I was meaning to work on!  I’m then left with too many good ideas, and not nearly enough of them   get developed.

What’s on my plate now?  The following:

– Conquering GregTech:  The concept behind this project is to learn the mod of GregTech in general, and to have a general feeling of mastery over it.  What does that mean exactly? Well… that needs to be developed.  I have a feeling it will come with knowing the mod well enough to set out goals in sequence, and feel like I can set out those goals efficiently on a new world.

– Bees and Doom:  The idea behind this build would be to have an entire self-sustaining base dedicated to bees and their products.  For extra challenge, this could be built in the GregTech world above, and be a boon to production.  I have a vision for this base, a wall encircling many towers that would house alvearies, open to the sky.  Bees would produce fuel, or the fuel of choice, and there would also be farms for various required materials.

– The House:  Those who follow my livestream have probably notice I tend to build the same house over and over again, occasionaly shifting the design as it fails to meet my needs.  The same sorts of aesthetic notes remain, though, as well as a general modular structure.  I’d love to someday design a house – or house system – that fits all my needs.

– The Mod:  Wait… Morvy doesn’t make mods!  No, but I’d like to.  I actually have an idea brewing, that’s been rattling around in my head for quite some time.  I’m trying to take some time and educate myself, prepare myself for making this a reality.  But it’s a long way off, yet.

So, what about you guys?  What do you think about?  What directions should this develop?  I’m all ears.


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I’ve seen it. I know a lot of you have too. But I’m not talking about it for at least a week. So there. I’m being kind.  It had more twists than I was expecting though, so GO enjoy the twists!

As for something else to talk about, let me introduce you to the games and characters that I play.  On the MMO scene, I’m currently playing WoW and LotRO.  In WoW, you can find me as Camgini, or Immobelia – alliance side, Cairne server.  Camgini is a 52 Disc/Holy Preist, and Immo is a level 19 Prot Warrior.  In LotRO you can find me as Morvelawen, Windfola server. She’s a lowly level 12 Minstrel at the moment.  I’m taking it slow with her, trying to enjoy all that’s around me.

On the not-MMO side of life… well… HARVEST MOON!  Okay, so I love the little farming series.  I keep switching between three different versions of the game, all on the Nintendo DS.  I’m going to be a bit overloaded though at the end of summer when two more come out, one for the DS and the other for the Wii. Wii Harvest Moon.  Ahh Hoeing for real.  Try saying that one to a GTA player. 🙂

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